December 2001
Astro Chatter
Swap Shop

icon The SwapShop
by Larry Kalinowski
This column is for those who are interested in buying, trading or selling items. Call 810-776-9720 (larrykalinowski@yahoo.com) if you want to put an item for sale or trade in this section of the WASP. The ad will run for six months. The month and year the ad will be removed, is also shown.

FOR SALE. Motherboard with 350 MHz, AMD K2 processor and fan. Needs memory boards (6 cents per megabyte). New ATX configuration, 100 MHz bus. $40. 810-776-9720. (6-02).

FOR SALE. Pentium 75 Mhz computer, 2 GB and 800 meg hard drives, 16 Meg RAM, Win 95, 24x CD-ROM drive, 14 inch monitor, $100. Also have spare 400 and 125 MB hard drives. Bill Blevins, bjblev@aol.com. 810-795-4113.

FOR SALE. Ten inch pyrex mirror blank, 1 1/2 inch thick. Used as a tool to create my 10 inch, F4.5 mirror. The lap is still intact. Can be used to correct another ten inch or remove the lap and grind a new mirror. $20. 810-776-9720. (1-02).


The Warren Astronomical Society Paper
Volume 33, Number 12 December, 2001