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Astronomy Day

I want to take a moment to recognize all the members who helped on Astronomy Day at both the Cranbrook Science Museum and at our observatory Stargate at Camp Rotary. Each member who helped should be proud of the fact that they brought ‘Astronomy’ to the public, many of the visitors having never looked through a telescope before.

At Camp Rotary, our members represented our club from the moment they drove into the park where they were greeted with smiles and received an Astronomy Day Program of events. The guests were treated to an activity hall full of displays that included asteroid search, mirror grinding, spectroscopy, deep sky observing, variable star observing, 35mm astrophotography, solar observing, astronomy computer programs and CCD astrophotography.

We had two members providing lectures on such topics as ‘Selecting a Telescope’ and ‘Space Missions to Mars’. We had help from one of our member’s daughter and her friend selling our souvenirs. We had ‘solar system walks’ and ‘ constellation walks’ to show the scale of our solar system and to give a little history of the constellations, respectively. Last but not least, we had over 20 telescopes set up in the observing field to show the guests their telescopes and, after dark, to provide views of celestial objects, even with a CCD camera showing the moon in great detail on the scope in the Stargate Observatory.

My ‘hats off’ to all the members who helped make the Astronomy Day outing a great success! Thank you.

Stephen M. Greene

2nd Vice President – Warren Astronomical Society

The Warren Astronomical Society Paper
Volume 33, Number 5 May, 2001