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by Larry Kalinowski

This column is for those who are interested in buying, trading or selling items. Call 810-776-9720 (larrykalinowski@yahoo.com). if you want to put an item for sale or trade in this section of the WASP. The ad will run for six months. The month and year the ad will be removed, is also shown.

  • FOR SALE. Pier for CG5 or EQ4. E-mail pt19@email.msn.com for pics, details and price. (7-01).
  • WANTED. DEK slide projector lamp, new or used. 810-776-9720. (11-01).
  • FOR SALE. Entry level telescopes at resonable prices. Call Bob Johnson at 888-940-0914. E-mail: rujohnson@home.com. (11-01)
  • FOR SALE. Seventeen inch monitor, Proview brand, .30 dot pitch, power and video cords included. $75. 810-757-4741. (7-01).
  • FOR SALE. Celestar-8, 4 1/2 years old. Excellent condition. Complete with tripod, wedge, original finderscope, 25mm eyepiece, manual and boxes. Also included are an Orion dew shield, nylon dust cover and a delux Latitude Adjuster. $750. 248-542-9426. E-mail at wolfcave@mich.com. (7-01).
  • WANTED. Meade LX-50 or older 10 inch in good condition. 248-542-9426, e-mail at wolfcave@mich.com. (7-01).
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