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Hello Steve. We just wanted to thank you and Joe for the observatory lecture you gave to Girl Scout Troop 1663 Fri night May 18, 2001 at the Stargate Observatory at Camp Rotary. Many of the girls had never looked through a telescope before, so this was a totally new experience for them to see into the sky with one. Thanks also for the comparative descriptions of the different telescopes and the exercise on a scale model of the solar system. I'm sure the girls have a better appreciation of the distances within our solar system now.

Meg Rowland and I were totally impressed with the awesome images of the Ring Nebula, Hercules Cluster (M13) and M81 , M82 which we viewed through your 18 inch telescope. You sparked an interest in us to continue to do more observing when we got the opportunity and so Saturday night we returned to Stargate with two of the girls and did some more observing with three members of the WAS including Riyad Matti. Please thank all of those involved; it was an enjoyable weekend of clear skies!

Sincerely, Alice Strom and the Leaders and Girl Scouts of Troop 1663

The Warren Astronomical Society Paper
Volume 33, Number 5 May, 2001