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Sixth Grade Science has a new telescope - Literally!

MSN is the grateful recipient of a brand new refracting telescope thanks to the efforts of Mr. Stephen Greene and the generosity of the Warren Astronomical Society. Mr. Greene is the father of Michael Greene, a seventh grader in Mrs. Bracken's science class. The telescope will be used in the sixth grade to study lenses and light refraction and in the seventh grade to observe both celestial and earthly objects. It comes equipped with a software package that will help students locate interesting objects including faultlines on the moon, cloud belts around Jupiter and even high resolution land formations. Mr. Greene previously volunteered his time to give a presentation to Mrs. Bracken's students. With a special telescope and filter students observed solar activity and witnessed first hand the volatile condition of the center of our solar system. Activities such as this bring real world science to the classroom.  The Warren Astronomical Society meets the first Monday and third Thursday of each month. Adults and children are welcome and no previous expertise is necessary. If you are looking for a fun and educational activity to enjoy with your family contact the society at http://www. boonhill.net/WAS/ or hotline 1-810-447-2424.reprinted with permission
The Warren Astronomical Society Paper
Volume 34, Number 12 December 2002