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At our Cranbrook meeting on the 4th of November, Phil Martin showed us his CCD work. He explained the problems he encountered and how he remedied them. For the first three months after acquiring the instrument, he was able to show people what a nice piece of equipment it was and little else. With apparent determination and experimentation, Phil was able to figure out how it worked and produced some very nice results. Using his laptop, he showed us the difference between objects photographed in poor light conditions and those taken under optimum sky viewing conditions.

Marty Kunz then gave an explanation of what will occur as Jupiter's satellite orbital plane lines up relative to our sight over the next year. The many transits, occultations and eclipses that will occur between the Galilean Moons during that period were reviewed.

Thanks to all those who volunteered to give lectures and lead discussions in 2003. We have actually filled the docket through the beginning of June. We still need lecturers for much of the rest of the year and are focusing on doing mini-talks at each of the meeting s as well. Please check the website for a list of the upcoming lectures.

Please call me(248-626-6016) or E-mail me if you are interested in giving a talk.

Ken Bertin

The Warren Astronomical Society Paper
Volume 34, Number 12 December 2002