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VSNET (Variable Star Network)

VSNET is an international variable star observing network, covering various areas of novae, supernovae, cataclysmic variables (CVs), X-ray transients, and other classical eruptive, pulsating, and eclipsing variables. VSNET is one of invited contributing organizations to the SkyPub AstroAlert system. The "News from VSNET", mainly focusing on recent remarkable activities of CVs and related systems, is issued on a weekly basis, except on occasions of extremely urgent or transient events. Please refer to the VSNET Home Page for more details of events and objects listed.

VSNET Home Page: http://www.kusastro.kyoto-u.ac.jp/vsnet/

VSNET provides a number of mailing lists, on which various news and topics are discussed. Subscriptions to the VSNET mailing lists are free of charge; please refer to the instruction on the above page if a reader needs more information of the list structure. CCD observations of such targets are a relatively easy task for a 20-40cm telescope; simply take as many CCD frames (with exposure times 10-30 sec) as possible, spanning several hours per night. The only requirements are the weather and your patience! If you need more help on the observing technique, please feel free to ask on the vsnet-campaign list. We would sincerely appreciate volunteers who would join the VSNET Collaboration team to study the wonders of these exotic variable stars.

To join the VSNET campaign collaborative list, send an e-mail to vsnet-adm@kusastro.kyoto-u.ac.jp (VSNET administrator) with a line "SUBSCRIBE vsnet-campaign." (VSNET campaign members are strongly recommended to subscribe to vsnet-alert at the same time).


Taichi Kato

On behalf of the VSNET administrator team


The Warren Astronomical Society Paper
Volume 34, Number 12 December 2002