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The ‘Big DOB’ shed

By Stephen Greene

As we close another year as members of the Warren Astronomical Society, I want to take the time to reflect on the activities at our observatory. More specifically, I want to reflect upon the construction of the dob shed. This was a project that started a few years ago as the ‘new observatory.’ ‘What did we want?’, we asked ourselves and visions of grandeur emerged. We wanted a 16" telescope, a CCD camera, no, two CCD cameras, a fully stocked library, a display area, a warm room, rest rooms, computers and the list goes on and on. Last year, in the Spring of 2001, Mike Simonsen and I wanted to narrow down the list of options and we did. We ended up selecting a 10ft. by 12ft. shed style building to house the 22" telescope and miscellaneous items currently stored in the main observatory. The idea would be to leave the 22" telescope assembled, attach wheels to the base and make it convenient for any member to move the telescope themselves. It was our hopes that the telescope would be utilized more often.

This Spring, Bill Beers, our Treasurer, dusted off the club’s checkbook and started writing checks to purchase all the materials for the construction of the shed. Bill selected a date to start the shed and lo and behold, several club members found their way out to the observatory to pitch in and construct the building. The results were nothing short of terrific! The building has a concrete floor, traditional wood frame construction, a shingled roof, vinyl siding, aluminum trim and light and electrical outlets. The idea was to make the shed ‘maintenance free’ and the goal was achieved.

Once the shed was completed, we looked at Stargate Observatory and decided that it needed some updating too. We painted the observatory and the dome beige, with paint supplied by the Metroparks. The color matched the other buildings on the grounds of Camp Rotary. The roof was the original roof and had lasted thirty years. After that much time, leaks had developed so we replaced the roof. We will now have to wait until the Spring before we can perform any other updates, it’s getting too cold for now.

The following members helped with the construction. I want to recognize each and every one of them because they all willingly volunteered and worked their hearts out.

In alphabetical order:

Bill Beers
Ken Bertin
Scott Ferguson
Steve Greene
Larry Kalinowski
Mark Kedzior
Don Lemmons
Blaine McCullough
Al McDonald
Ken Mullin
John Rasmussen
Dennis Schmalzel
Steve Tamplin
Joe VanPoucker
Bob Watt

The Warren Astronomical Society Paper
Volume 34, Number 12 December 2002