May 2002
Astro Chatter
Swap Shop

icon The SwapShop
by Larry Kalinowski

This column is for those who are interested in buying, trading or selling items. Call 586-776-9720 (larrykalinowski@yahoo.com) if you want to put an item for sale or trade in this section of the WASP. The ad will run for six months. The month and year the ad will be removed, is also shown.

FOR SALE. 3 inch RFT refractor with rack and pinion, F4, $45. 2.4 inch objective, 13 inch focal length, 350mm, F5.5, $25. Pro Optics, slow motion panhead, $25. Orion, off axis guide body, for Meade or Celestron, $60. Orion sky glow filter for Schmidt Cass telescopes, $75. Meade 6x30mm finder with bracket, blue, $40. Two Meade 45 degree erecting prism diagonals, $40 each. University Optics 2x Barlow, $35. University Optics 60mm, 2 inch dia. Kellner, $100. University Optics 28mm OR eyepiece, $65. 40mm Kellner, $25. Meade 26mm super Plossl, 52 degrees, $70. Meade 25mm ME eyepiece, $30. 20mm, H, .958 in. eyepiece, $10. Orion 12.5mm Plossl with illuminated reticle for finder or guiding, $120. Orion 12.5mm Kellner, $30. Orion 12mm OR eyepiece, $30. Orion 9mm OR eyepiece, $30. Teleview 7.4mm Plossl, $80. Iomega Zip Drive, 100MB, with two disks, $50. Mars globe, 20 in. dia., custom made, $350. Roger Civic, 586-776-8735. Or best offer, on all items. (6-02).


The Warren Astronomical Society Paper
Volume 34, Number 5 May 2002