The Warren Astronomical Society Paper

Volume 29, Number 9, September, 1997

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Computer Chatter

by Larry Kalinowski

Frank McCullough is gone. Our memories of him and what he stood for will live on through the use of the 22 inch telescope. In his name, we will look farther and see clearer than we ever have before.

Microsoft and Apple computer have made news lately with the announcement that Microsoft has agreed to produce software for the Apple operating system. In the past, the two companies were considered very active rivals. Over the past few years the public became concerned about the lack of programs to run on Apple systems, so Apple began producing computers that could run IBM type files and programs to pick up sales. It now appears that Steve Jobs has decided to go a step further by actively hiring Microsoft to produce software specially for Apple. Much of it will be programs that already exist in the MSDOS and Windows realm. Microsoft also gains by providing Apple some Internet software too.

Newspaper reports say the drinking water aboard the MIR spacestation is running kind of low. Only a few weeks supply remain. The recycling system isn't being used because of a contamination problem with the spaceship that forced the occupants to quit recycling water.

Gene Shoemaker, of the Shoemaker-Levy comet team, met an untimely accidental death during a trip in which he was driving in his native country of Australia. His wife, which was with him, also suffered severe injuries.

Flatworms, two inches long, have been discovered deep in the Gulf Of Mexico. What's amazing is the worms were discovered in an environment of methane ice. The ice is able to develop at extreme depths and pressures in the gulf. There are other places in the solar system which contain methane ice. Can we expect life there too?

There are approximately 99 objects in orbit around the Sun that could pose a threat to the planet Earth. These Earth orbit crossers are asteroids and comets that are being constantly tracked and checked for changes in orbital parameters. Since they are influenced by the planets also in orbit near the Earth, it makes sense to pay close attention to any changes that might occur.

I am seriously considering dropping out as chair of the computer group. The meetings will probably end this year. If you would like to take over in that respect, which also means providing a meeting place, contact me at the number listed below.

The August computer meeting will be switched to my place for the fourth Thursday, August the 28th. All new visitors will receive a free Windows planetarium program. You can reach me at 810-776-9720 for information on how to locate my residence.

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