The Warren Astronomical Society Paper

Volume 29, Number 12, December, 1997

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Michigan House Bill 4254

This light pollution bill is currently pending in the Michigan Legislature. The official state copy of this document can be found at Michigan House Bill 4254

February 11, 1997, Introduced by Reps. Walberg, Richner, McBryde, Hammerstrom, Harder and Galloway and referred to the Committee on Conservation, Environment and Recreation. A bill to amend 1994 PA 451, entitled "Natural resources and environmental protection act," (MCL 324.101 to 324.90106) by adding part 752. THE PEOPLE OF THE STATE OF MICHIGAN ENACT:

Computer Chatter

by Larry Kalinowski

Microsoft may be going to court again. This time for the forced licensing of their web browser. Microsoft is making all manufacturers of computers, that use Windows95, pay another license fee for the use of their browser. The suit could cost Microsoft one million dollars a day. However, just when that period of fines begins, hasn't been determined yet.

Uranus now has two more moons, bringing that planets total to seventeen. Dubbed U1 and U2, they are about fifty and one hundred miles in diameter, respectively.

If you're planning to buy a computer for Christmas, the best advice I can give you is to buy it locally, NOT at a department store like Sears or ABC warehouse. It's even wise to avoid brand name packages at computer stores like CompUSA or Computer City. Production line packages like Packard Bell, Compaq, Hewlett Packard and even IBM, look like great deals until you want to change parts, then you find out the parts cost twice as much or aren't available anymore. You want your computer to be as generic a design as you can find. All generic parts for computers are available at all the computer shows I mention in my articles. Find a small computer store in your neighborhood and get a price from them. You'll be surprised at the time you can save if your computer does quit while in warranty, your neighborhood store can have it back to you the same day, in many cases. Another thing, don't be tempted into buying that pretty pink or green computer. The color you like will often make a future buyer puke. You might have the prettiest computer in the world but it's usually only for your eyes. Replacement cabinet parts are only available in light and dark brown. Special colors will cost you plenty.

David and Billie Chandler, the producers of The Comet Watch newsletter that I rely heavily on for comet information, will cease publishing that newsletter in the near future. Only three more issues will be published. Volume nine (with fifteen newsletters) will be the last volume. The Chandlers have suggested that subscribers switch to the CRAS newsletter (Comet Rapid Announcement Service) published by C. M. Smith, in Cleveland, Ohio. Mr. Smith doesn't charge for his comet service but does require that you provide a supply of number 10 (large) envelopes, with first class postage and proper address imprinted thereon. Smith's address is P.O. Box 110282, Cleveland, Ohio, 44111-0282, USA. Donations are requested occasionally, especially when the post office decides to increase first class rates and Smith gets stuck with a large supply of envelopes that have the old postage stamps on them.

The Detroit Astronomical Society (DAS) has changed their monthly meetings to the second Tuesday of each month, starting in November. They still meet at The Southfield Civic Center on Evergreen Rd., between Ten and Eleven Mile Roads.

I hope you've been following the PBS special called STEPHEN HAWKING'S UNIVERSE. It's on Mondays at 9:00 PM. By the time you read this, the six episode series will probably be over, but it's bound to be repeated in the near future. It's well worth watching.

The November computer meeting will be one day earlier, on Wednesday, the 26th, due to the Thanksgiving Day holiday. It will resume at my home. Call me at 810-776-9720, for further information.

Minutes of Meetings

by Glenn Wilkins

Macomb - Oct 16, 1997 Cranbrook Meeting - Nov 6, 1997 Officer's Meeting - Oct 9, 1997
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