The Warren Astronomical Society Paper

Volume 30, Number 2, February, 1998

Table of Contents

A Message from the Treasurer

by Steve Greene

As I start my first term as the W.A.S. treasurer, I would like to thank Ben Tolbert for his assistance in making the transition a smooth one. Ben has organized the records in such a manner that picking up where he left off will help me get up to speed very quickly. Ben has done a terrific job for the Warren Astronomical Society over the past couple of years, I can only hope that I can provide the same level of service. Thanks Ben!!

For those who are renewing their memberships or wish to subscribe to Astronomy, Sky & telescope or CCD Astronomy Magazines, the cost information as well as my address are listed on page two of the WASP. If you have questions regarding your memberships or subscriptions please, do not hesitate to call me at home. My phone number is (810) 598-1199.

Thank you and may there be clear skies above.

Note: treasurer email is

Banquet Thanks

Thanks to these generous companies who donated raffle prizes for our awards banquet:

Computer Chatter

by Larry Kalinowski

Is the Window’s 95 upgrade really a full version? A close friend of mine informed me that he was able to install the Windows 95 upgrade just by using the first disk of Windows 3.1 as a verification disk. The rest of 3.1 wasn’t required to install Win 95. This would mean that no part of Win 3.1 was used to install Win 95. The entire 95 package came from the upgrade. Could it be that Microsoft was giving a price break to Win 3.1 users, even though it was providing the full version all along? Could it also mean that buyers of the full version paid more than they had to, to install Win 95? There’s a lot of food for thought here. If all it took to install Win 95 was the first disk of Windows 3.1 then you wouldn’t be breaking any laws using your friends first Win 3.1 disk. After all, you haven’t copied the entire program to your hard drive.

Intel seems to be living up to its announcement about cutting prices. Last month it made the bold statement that prices would be cut because of an advancement in microchip manufacturing. So far Pentium II prices have been cut 33%.

Holy Star Trek! A black hole ejecting material and energy at twice the speed of light? According to Reuters, a combination of radio telescopes, being used as an interferometer, at Britain’s Nuffield Radio Astronomy Lab, have detected an exploding black hole, labeled GRS1915 and it’s exploding periodically, causing ejecta to fly away at twice light speed. Six dishes, linked together, are acting like one radio telescope with an antenna 135 miles in diameter. I think I hear Professor Einstein rolling over in his grave.

The attendance at last month’s Annual Awards Banquet turned out to be as good as last year’s. About 60% of the club’s membership was there and a good time was had by all. I can’t complain about anything. I was lucky enough to leave with three (rub it in) raffle prizes, a subscription to ASTRONOMY, a Barlow lens and Dave D’Onofrio’s marvelous display of M51. Not bad for a ten dollar investment in raffle tickets. Better luck next time you all.

The DAS astronomical hotline (313-207-1857) reports that a satellite image seems to indicate the landing spot of the December 9, 1997 meteorite that fell in southern Greenland. The site is located at 61d, 25m north latitude and 44d, 26m west longitude. Estimates of the meteorite size are in the 50 to 100 meter diameter range (170 to 340 feet). Weather conditions hamper any exploratory efforts.

Even though the computer group meetings are being discontinued at my place, there will be additional meetings in the future. Gary Gathen will continue to hold meetings in the months of May through October. Other meetings will be scheduled at other places throughout the year. Keep your eyes on this column for announcements. You can reach me at 810-776-9720 if you have any other questions related to astronomy and computers.

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