The Warren Astronomical Society Paper
Volume 31, Number 12December, 1999

astro chatter Astro Chatter
by Larry Kalinowski

There's more evidence found for the existence of planet X. A British astronomer, Dr. John Murray, has examined the orbits of thirteen, long period, comets and has come to the conclusion that a very large planet, three or more times the mass of Jupiter has influenced the orbits of the comets. His calculations lead him to believe that the planet is about 30,000 AU from the Sun, in the direction of the constellation Delphinus, the dolphin. Delphinus is a small group of stars within the Summer triangle, dim, but easily visible from suburban skies. His calculations also revealed that the planet's revolution is retrograde, meaning the body moves in the opposite [continued]

WAS Annual Winter Banquet
by Joe Van Poucker

I wanted to remind everyone that it is almost time once again for the W.A.S. Annual Winter Banquet. The invitation/reservation forms will be in the mail to all the members soon. The banquet is on Thursday, December 16th at the Stephenson Haus Banquet Center in Hazel Park. We have decided to try a different hall this year in hopes of bringing the ticket cost down. The cost this year will be $20 per person. The one draw back to this is the new hall requires that we pre pay for the event. This means that I need all the reservation forms and payment returned to me no later than December 4, 1999. Unfortunately we will not be able to sell tickets at the door. So please don't delay and return your reservation form as soon as possible. If you have never been to one of the banquets I highly recommend attending. There is usually good food and entertainment for all. Also if you or someone you know has something to donate for the raffle please have them contact LoriAnn or myself. Here's to making this banquet as enjoyable as the past ones. I hope to see you all there.

Rebuttal to Timpane's Essay
by Mike Spinak (link submitted by Al Vandermarliere)

From the President
by Steve Greene

Someone recently asked me if we had any Warren Astronomical T-shirts for sale. Well guess what happened on my way home the other day? I stopped at Creative Logos and ordered patches, T-shirts, dress shirts and coffee mugs! And just in time for the holiday sales season. The products will be offered for sale as follows:

3" round embroidered cloth patch with the WAS logo athletic gold stitching on navy blue background. $4.00

12 oz. travel coffee mug with closing, snap on lid. (plastic) royal pearl blue cup with gold color WAS logo front & back and "Stargate Observatory" along the seam. $5.00

"Stargate Observatory" pullover T-shirt. Navy blue with "Stargate Observatory - Macomb, Michigan" and stars silkscreened across the chest in gold color. 5.3 oz. heavyweight 50% cotton/ 50% polyester. No pocket. Sizes are youth 10-12, youth 14-16, adult M,L,XL,XXL. $12.00

WAS 3 button pullover shirt. Navy blue all cotton shirt with 3" WAS logo embroidered on right sleeve in 'Athletic Gold' and left chest pocket. Made of 6.8 oz., extra heavyweight 100% preshrunk cotton pique. Sizes are adult M,L,XL,XXL. $35.00

New Members
by Joe Van Poucker

The thing that makes the Warren Astronomical Society a great are its members. We are very happy to announce the following new members who joined during October of 1999. Please extend them a warm welcome.
  • Catherine Connelly, Beverly Hills
  • Elaine D. Fischhoff, West Bloomfield
  • James Rengert, Troy
  • Jeff Charles, St. Clair Shores
  • Mark Femminineo, Waterford
  • Tony Sivalelli, Jr & Sr, Roseville
WAS Anniversaries for December
  • 11 Years; Thomas Grimm, Plymouth
  • 7 Years; Marilyn Kroth-Baca, Clinton Twp
  • 4 Years; Lou Faix, Washington
  • 1 Year; Paul & Lisa Zook & Family, Shelby Twp
  • 1 Year; Sandy & John Robbins, Taylor
  • 1 Year; Scott & Theresa Bennett, Royal Oak
(Corrections should be submitted to Joe Van Poucker)

icon Minutes of Meetings
by LoriAnn Skonieczny

The Swap Shop
by Larry Kalinowski

The WASP 25 Years Ago
by LoriAnn Skonieczny

This is an excerpt from the December 1974 issue of the WASP.

WAS Activities for December, 1974
  • December 19th - General meeting at South Campus, MCCC:
    1. Slide presentation and NASA narration of Pioneer 11 trip to Jupiter
    2. Movie- part II "The Violent Universe"
    3. Amateur astronomer, Louis Faix, Lecture on "Ways of Observing and Photographing
    4. Christmas slide show presentation with music
  • December 20, 1974 - Annual Christmas Banquet
    To be held at the Paradiso Villa at Long Lake Road and Livernois Road. Dinner and special slide presentation by Frank McCullough called "The Winter Astronomers." For information call 791-8752. Frank McCullough is President of the WAS and he and his wife, Diane, were two of the members who sailed aboard the Canberra to the coast of Africa to view through their telescopes and to photograph the longest Solar Eclipse of the Century in 1973. Others who will be attending the banquet and who also sailed aboard the Canberra are: Ginny McCullough, Jerry Persha, Dave Harrington, Pete Kwentus, Gary Morin, Marik Christensen, Bill Whitney and his wife, Sandy and Tim Skonieczny, Dr. David Harrington transported his 14 inch Newtonian telescope aboard the Canberra to view and photograph the eclipse. Many slides and movie shots were made of the scene aboard the deck of the Canberra showing the many telescopes set up to record the eclipse. Diane McCullough did some outstanding photography of the eclipse obtaining a record seven diamond rings; an exceptional performance! The comet Kohoutec was photographed by many who are attending the Banquet from October 1973 to February 1974.

astro chatter Astro Chatter, continued

direction from all the Sun's known planets. This motion could indicate a captured planet that originated around some other star before beginning a new orbit around the Sun.

I Had a chance to meet a planetarium director from Roseville High School on October 19. That's when Mr. Robert Toll gave a demo of the new Spitz planetarium, to the general public at Roseville High. The planetariums seats sixty people and is designed so that all seats face the southern sky. There's something very soothing about an optical projector. The stars look more like real stars. The sky even feels more comfortable.

Another moon has been found orbiting another asteroid. The new moon, which still hasn't been named, is orbiting Eugenia. The moon was discovered by one of the Hawaiian telescopes on Mauna Kea. Its mirror surface is adjustable, to compensate for the Earth's blurring atmosphere. The 'scope was able to resolve the eight mile wide moon, moving around the 134 mile primary. The only other asteroid with a known moon is Ida. Its moon, Dactyl, was discovered by the planetary probe Galileo, in 1993.

All three mirror makers in the telescope group have reached grit #1100. By the time you read this, they will probably be in the polishing phase. All are within 3/4 to 1 1/2 inches from their desired focal lengths. Only two more steps are required to finish a mirror surface; 1) generating a sphere and 2) changing the sphere to a parabola. These last two steps being the most difficult. A parabola is required to avoid a special problem called spherical aberration, a surface condition that all spherical surfaces, under f10, produce with light rays originating at infinity.

Here's another reminder about the Leonid meteor shower. The club is having a public open house at Stargate for the shower. Publicity will be handled by the Metropark system. We're expecting quite a crowd and we'll need volunteers to help manage the visitors. So if you're available that night (Nov. 17), come on out for the fun and socializing. Don't forget to bring your telescope and or binoculars. There'll be special parking, food and souvenirs of this event will be on sale. Don't miss it! This could be the shower of the century.

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icon Minutes of Meetings

Cranbrook, October 4, 1999

Macomb, October 21, 1999

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The Swap Shop, continued

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